Dear Friends,

Once again the Empire eBay has imposed yet another set of seller-adverse rules and regulations. One of these mandates is the >2% defect rate rule.

This rule demands a 98% non-cancel rate initiated by the seller (HeWhoHasAnEar) for not in stock or customer returns on a 3 month rolling average….a high bar indeed when you are selling literally thousands of records.

Our defect rate was a whopping 3.04% for the 3 month period of Dec ’15 – Mar ’16. Most of the 13 transactions were either out of stock upload mistakes, or we PROACTIVELY CANCELED THE ORDER BECAUSE WE DID NOT LIKE THE INITIAL GRADING.  IN MOST CASES, WE SENT THE ITEM ANYWAY…AND REFUNDED THE BUYER THE TOTAL AMOUNT, INCLUDING SHIPPING, FOR OUR GRADING MISTAKE.

In the 3rd week of March 2016, eBay froze our PayPal account, resulting in not only a cash-flow issue in our HeWhoHasAnEar business, but our family’s budget. We contacted eBay, and even with our almost 20 year presence on eBay, in varying configurations, they replied “There’s nothing we can do”.

And now as of April 4, 2016, eBay removed all of the items from our store, and shut our store down. Evidently to protect you and other buyers from the atrocities and wanton defect practices of such an unscrupulous seller such as HeWhoHasAnEar!

Obviously we cannot continue long-term with this on-line channel to market, and will be seeking other venues that are “seller-friendly” at which we can have uninterrupted and uncensored access to you…our customers and friends.

A sincere “THANK YOU!!” to all who have purchased just once, or who have made repeated purchases from our HeWhoHasAnEar garage. We appreciate it more than you know.  God Bless!!


-Your friends at HeWhoHasAnEar